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Located in Loughborough Woodgate Financial Planning Ltd  was established  in 2003 when Moss Solicitors realised  many clients did not obtain satisfactory financial advice, either because they did not know where to look for it, or because the advice was not of a high enough standard to be useful.

The service we provide is unique. We offer comprehensive financial advice as you would expect but also recognise there are many occasions where the legal and financial worlds overlap.

By combining our financial expertise with legal expertise within Moss Solicitors we ensure clients receive the best possible advice and a cost effective service .  This can be particularly relevant to  Inheritance Tax and Estate planning, Property Transactions and Matrimonial matters, as well as with financial advice in its own right.

So whether you  

  • Want advice on planning for retirement
  • Have experienced a change in your personal  circumstances
  • Need advice on a specific financial matter e.g Pension, investment or inheritance tax advice
  • Need help as your financial affairs are becoming too complex to handle

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